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Grow Hemp


  • Similar process to growing hay  

  • Flexible seeding time and early harvest  

  • No combining or drying  

  • New and viable crop to add to any rotation, which will help combat clubroot  

“Seed, Spray & Walk Away"…

Growing hemp for CRHC is that easy!

We take care of cutting, tedding, raking, baling & hauling.

Grow Hemp with CRHC in 2023

*Request for Additional Information:

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Thanks! Our agronomy team will be in touch!

Jeff Pasemko
Redwater, AB

"I think hemp is a great rotational crop for my area and grow it for three main reasons:


First, it’s a low maintenance crop that doesn’t take a lot of passes in the sprayer.


It’s also a low input cost crop and therefore a high margin crop.

Finally, and most important for me, is that it is a great time management crop in the sense that it has a spread in its seeding window and harvest.


I like that I can seed, spray, and walk away when I grow with CRHC."


Kurtis Wiselka
Even Par Enterprises,  Athabasca, AB

"I like to grow with CRHC for rotational and time management benefits.


Before adding hemp, I grew canola, wheat, and peas, and extending my rotation with another crop takes some of the pressure off that those tight rotations put on the land.


Time and help is always short in fall, so the harvest service provided helps with those pressures as well."


Todd Brodziak
Brodziak Farms, St. Brides, AB

"I’ve grown hemp for three years with CRHC, and I’ve noticed a positive effect on my soil and the crop the year after growing.


It is a different root system than other crops I grow, and the roots do a good job breaking up compaction in my fields.


Nutrient and mineral availability in my soil is high after I grow hemp, and I see a visible boost in the grain crop I plant the year following."


Trevor Dubovsky
Kyton Farms,  Busby, AB 

"My favourite part about growing hemp with CRHC is the harvest service they provide.


I like being able to add something to my farm that lessens my workload at fall when I’m busy combining other crops."



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